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Concord, Ontario, Canada – Wednesday January 13, 2010 – The Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) has certified Blue Link Elite, a leading Canadian business and accounting software package, for use with GST/HST File Transfer.

The GST/HST File Transfer service enables eligible registrants to file their GST and HST directly over the Internet to the CRA using third-party accounting software. Only three software packages to date have been certified for this service — one being Blue Link Elite.

Blue Link Elite provides a fast and secure method to file GST and HST that makes refunds faster, too. Firms can use Blue Link Elite seven days a week to file returns online with the benefit of immediate confirmation of delivery.

“The Canada Revenue Agency’s approval for Blue Link Elite is important for our customers,” Mark Canes, President of Blue Link explains. “People appreciate the time and costs they save by managing transactions online, without having to make duplicate entries into separate accounting systems. Blue Link users continue to move towards an all-digital, optimized workflow that means less paper, fewer errors, and lower overhead.”

Eligible firms can start using Blue Link Elite to file GST and HST returns immediately.

More information about the GST/HST File Transfer can be found on the CRA Web site at: