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VAI’s Fully Integrated S2K Software to Extract Customer and Product Data with Analytics; S2K SmartCenter to Transform Collaboration for Leading Distributor of Lawn and Garden Products

VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.), a leading ERP software provider, announced that BWI Companies has selected its S2K Enterprise software to improve distribution processes, increase productivity, and gain valuable insights from its customer and product data.

Located in Nash, Texas, BWI is a full line wholesale distributor with 15 locations, servicing customers in 15 states across the Mid-south and Southeastern United States. With a large, diversified customer base from 10 different market segments, and a sizeable sales force, BWI sought a solution to automate and integrate its core business functions. At the same time, the company looked to eliminate manual processes associated with building reports, and to extract data into customer buying trends and product line profitability.

BWI determined that with its ease of use and full integration with existing IT systems, VAI’s S2K Enterprise software was the ideal solution. BWI will be leveraging the following S2K applications: Financial Management, Warehouse Management, Retail Management, Distribution Management, Manufacturing Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Smart Center, Portal, and Analytics.

“We run a large distribution operation where things are constantly moving – products coming in and out, sales teams and individuals conducting business on the go, customer inquiries requiring attention – and we needed a solution that streamlined all these processes,” said Michael Mize, vice president of BWI. “VAI’s software meets all of our needs and because it seamlessly integrates with other BWI products, we expect it to save us significant time and money. We’re excited to realize even further benefits with VAI as we glean deeper business insights with S2K Analytics and improve social collaboration with S2K Smart Center.”

BWI’s large distributed sales force currently uses laptop and CE mobile applications to keep track of customer and account information, and communication. With S2K CRM, BWI will automate the customer and prospect activity into a single database that can be shared by the entire sales team. In addition, the integrated email and blogging will allow communication and collaboration between salesmen in real time, enabling the team to share experiences easily and quickly.

“Today’s businesses require complete visibility into their entire business operations, including product inventory, customer service, system integration, warehouse management, and more in order to remain competitive,” said Cindy Breedlove, central territory manager, VAI. “With VAI’s software, BWI will streamline several of its core business functions and improve productivity because of its ability to gain deeper insights into its customers and products. We’re eager to help BWI achieve its business goals and look forward to seeing them reap the benefits of our Smart Center software.”

VAI’s S2K Smart Center is a configurable web-based user experience that supports single sign-on, common navigation, and a uniform look and feel across the entire family of S2K ERP software solutions. Its user interface combines analytics with new social collaboration tools to create an easy-to-use software experience that will help BWI make better informed business decisions while increasing productivity and collaboration throughout the company.

About BWI Companies, Inc.
BWI Companies, Inc. was founded in 1958 by Bob and Betty Bunch as a retail seed store in Texarkana, Texas. The company began wholesale operations in 1972 and has since expanded to a total of 15 locations, including 8 full line distribution centers and 7 specialty locations across 15 states in the Mid-south and Southeastern United States. BWI currently distributes lawn and garden products, horticultural products, pest control products and turf products to the various markets, including garden centers, farm & feed stores, hardware stores, grocery, regional multi-store outlets, greenhouse growers, nursery growers, landscapers, lawn & land care companies, pest control operators, golf courses, online retailers and other related outlets.