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SAP NEWSBYTE – March 08, 2010 – Birmingham City Council has finalized an SAP implementation project as a key step in the total overhaul of corporate services, as detailed in an executive brief from IDC Government Insights and sponsored by SAP. The implementation was completed on time, to budget and is on schedule to deliver business benefits to the City of Birmingham. According to the executive brief, “[The] use of SAP applications was expected to contribute significantly to a savings of £100 million per year through a 15% increase in productivity over a five-year period.”

The largest project of its kind carried out by a local government in the U.K., the overhaul required SAP applications to replace a significant number of systems. Implementation also included a change to a shared-service delivery model and a new integrated application suite model based on the SAP software suite to support the council’s financial, procurement and operational performance management process.

The capabilities offered by the full suite of SAP applications – including the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, SAP® Business Suite software and other independent applications from SAP partners – support standardized management and business processes along with a range of standardized reporting and integration processes.

The City Council said it considers the corporate services transformation a successful program that provides a solid foundation for the future of Birmingham.

The complete executive brief, titled “Executive Brief: Birmingham City Council, Corporate Services Transformation – A Success Story” (IDC Government Insights, December 2009), is available on request.