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Bengt Höjer, corporate product manager cloud at UNIT4, has been elected as the new Chairman for the trade association, EuroCloud Sweden (the Swedish arm of EuroCloud Europe ). Bengt Höjer will focus on issues related to the work of the Swedish cloud service providers.

Bengt Höjer is a cloud expert in UNIT4 Group and has more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry. In recent years, Bengt Höjer has been an active spokesperson for cloud services, including assignments as part of the management group for Cloud Sweden.

“It is an enormous honour to be elected Chairman of EuroCloud Sweden and I am looking forward to continuing to work to highlight the Swedish cloud industry’s role, not just today but also in the future. Cloud service providers constitute tomorrow’s base industry and promoting the industry’s aims and quality services is an important part of this work,” Bengt Höjer says.

A declaration of intent and collaborative platform between EuroCloud Sweden, Cloud Sweden and SIS Molnetgrupp already exists and, with Bengt Höjer as the Chairman of the Board, this platform is being strengthened to drive the Swedish cloud industry forwards. An important collaborative process to position Sweden as a leading country for quality cloud services for both the private and the public sector is now beginning.

“Bengt Höjer’s broad and deep knowledge will take EuroCloud Sweden to the next level. We have built a European platform, with representation in more than 30 countries, in three years. We now need to work hard locally to really engage the Swedish players and highlight the strengths of the Swedish cloud industry flow,” said the departing Chairman, Michael Abrahamsson.