ERP Case Study | B2B Product Supply

Client Problem

Headquartered in Chicago, this business to business (B2B) product supply company was using Excel and Order Tracker as its core ERP solution. Although all of its business processes were either manual or paper-based and it had little technological communication either internally or with its sister firm, the company was growing by leaps and bounds. In order to continue providing outstanding service to customers and meet increased sales demand, the company needed to modernize and integrate its system and improve its business processes.

Problem Highlights

  • Exponential growth
  • Inconsistent operational strategies
  • Manual business processes
  • No ERP system to manage demands of high growth
  • Sister company upgraded to an ERP system and communication between the two companies was difficult

Panorama Solution

The company chose Panorama Consulting as its third-party ERP consultant because of Panorama’s broad and deep ERP expertise, independence and lack of resell agreements with ERP vendors. The Panorama team of ERP experts deployed our ERP software selection methodology to determine the correct enterprise software to fit the company’s current and future needs. Panorama also performed in-depth business process reengineering to increase operational efficiency.

Solution Highlights

  • Defined current business processes, ERP business requirements, pain points and opportunities for improvement
  • Validated pre-selected ERP software
  • Created ERP RFPs (request for proposals) and evaluated vendor responses
  • Evaluated the functional and technical features of each software package against the client’s specific business requirements
  • Negotiated ERP contract terms favorable to the client
  • Improved and defined new business processes and workflows in the context of the new ERP system

Measurable Business Results

The Panorama Consulting team leveraged its PERFECT Process™ methodology to improve the organization’s business processes effectively and efficiently. Panorama’s business process management work shaved ten weeks off of the ERP implementation schedule, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.