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Ventura Manufacturing Adopts an Industry-Specific ERP Solution to Fuel Growth and Deliver Enterprise-Wide Data Accuracy and Transparency

IQMS, a manufacturing ERP software and MES developer with an ongoing, proactive commitment to its product and relationships, today announced a new partnership with component assembler Ventura Manufacturing,Inc. A satellite company of the InnoGroup, Ventura Manufacturing specializes in manual and semi-automated manufacturing processes for the automotive and furniture industries.

Ventura Manufacturing previously operated with a homegrown system that was causing inconsistencies, lacked data integration and was missing tools to support the growing complexities of its business. To replace its legacy system, Ventura Manufacturing considered multiple top tier ERP vendors before selecting IQMS to deliver timely, accessible and accurate data throughout its organization.

“We felt like IQMS presented a cultural fit for Ventura Manufacturing,” said Jason Canfield, purchasing manager at Ventura Manufacturing. “Furthermore, at IQMS, there seems to be a genuine desire to listen to the customer and make improvements to the software.”

Concentrated on assembly as a science, Ventura Manufacturing adopts a micro-business approach to manufacturing and focuses heavily on lean techniques. It invested in IQMS’ EDI module and customer/vendor portals for increased customer service and to accelerate the flow of information. They also plan to implement IQMS’ full suite of quality modules to address the strict quality standards of the automotive industry.

“Ventura Manufacturing is thrilled to be partnered with a progressive and customer-focused company like IQMS,” said Canfield. “We believe this type of partnership is crucial for the success of any organization implementing an ERP system.”

About Ventura Manufacturing, Inc.
Formed in 1997 as a satellite company of the InnoGroup, Ventura Manufacturing originally focused on providing manual and semi-automated assembly services to complement InnoGroup’s automated processes. Today, Ventura Manufacturing has expanded to include component assembly for furniture and automotive customers outside the InnoGroup. Headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan, Ventura Manufacturing also has a plant in Mexico and a manufacturing partnership in both Hungary and China.