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Bellevue, Wash. – October 2009 – Ascentis Corporation, a market leader in easy-to-use human resources software and online payroll services, announced the release of Ascentis Manager Self-Service (MSS), available in the latest version of Ascentis HR. Ascentis MSS enhances the management decision-making process by offering advanced workflow capabilities, data analytics and automated communication through an intuitive new user interface.

Ascentis MSS is a Web application that delivers a collaborative desktop application experience using the latest Web 2.0 technologies. Users can easily view and analyze various employee data simultaneously, and using HR workflow automation capabilities will realize greater efficiency in data management and communication. Ascentis MSS is fully integrated with Ascentis HR and Payroll, Ascentis’ flagship HRIS and payroll solutions, so that user and data management can be performed through a single portal.

HR staff can increase company efficiency through Ascentis MSS. Managers can initiate and approve changes within MSS, freeing HR staff to focus on core responsibilities. HR can also view and take action on all manager-initiated changes in MSS, thereby retaining oversight while reducing the administrative burden. Managers can use data analytics, salary modeling tools, and a company leave calendar to aid them in their decision-making process. MSS automation, including e-mail communications, data auditing, and employment and compensation changes, saves managers time and increases efficiency.

In addition, automated e-mail communications are available to all MSS users. As managers participate in workflow tasks, MSS triggers automated e-mails so all in the approval chain remain fully informed and ensures requests are completed. For example, employees are instantly notified when an action is taken on their leave requests.

“Ascentis is very excited to include this powerful new tool that’s fully integrated into our HR and payroll solution. Combined with our employee self-service, Ascentis provides HR and management meaningful business and employee insight in a very easy to learn and use environment,” said Dwight Matheny, Ascentis vice president of product development. “Ascentis is dedicated to increasing functionality that helps HR, payroll and managers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.”
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