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UNIT4, the world’s leading provider of business software for Businesses Living IN Change (BLINC™), today announced that it has secured a new contract with Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority to implement Agresso Business World, worth €3 million (approx. $3.9 million) in software and services over two years.

Addis Ababa Water is responsible for maintaining and improving the water supply in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is undertaking an ambitious project to modernize the systems it has in place to achieve its objectives and better meet demand for clean drinking water. Sponsored by World Bank, the project involves implementation of new hardware, software and networks and Agresso was selected over competitive offerings from Oracle and Microsoft to manage finances and project planning.

“Developing countries are subject to ongoing change and significant environmental factors and implementing software that will support change is key to Addis Ababa Water,” said a spokesperson from the organization. “This is an ambitious and much needed improvement initiative for Ethiopia and a flexible system like Agresso that will account for changes in our structure and requirements as our work develops is important. Supported by a better system infrastructure, we continue our drive to give more people access to clean drinking water and an improved quality of life.”

The systems implementation project is expected to take two years, run in collaboration with UNIT4’s African partner ERP Software Technologies, which has operations in Addis Ababa. UNIT4 already works with the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation and the Ethiopian Insurance Corporation.