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Deacom, Inc. announced today that Aervoe Industries, a leader in paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants and aerosol products, has selected the DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline its business processes and increase visibility of their operations.

“Aervoe’s incumbent ERP system, installed 8 years ago, was unable to keep up with the multiple acquisitions and product line expansions being undertaken at Aervoe. The ERP system had been extensively customized and required a significant amount of work to be done outside of the system, presenting the opportunity for errors,” said Billy Martin, Purchasing Manager and Project Lead at Aervoe. “We decided we needed a non-customized ERP solution which would be flexible enough to meet the changing needs of our business.”

The DEACOM ERP system is specifically tailored for process manufacturers with built-in functionalities from formulation to shipment, such as Recipe Management, EDI, Warehouse Management and MRP. Work that was previously done by Aervoe in spreadsheets outside of the system will now be handled within DEACOM, no customization required. Additionally, DEACOM’s configurable ERP solution provides these capabilities in a scalable model designed to eliminate the constraints Aervoe had previously faced when attempting to scale their ERP solution.

“This change provides us with a predictable cost of ownership for our ERP solution, real-time reporting capabilities and increased visibility throughout our entire operation. Additionally, the risks associated with working outside of the ERP system are a thing of the past,” said Martin.  “We are confidant DEACOM will provide us with greater process control then we have ever had before and let us continue to provide quality, cost effective ERP solutions to our clients.”