Aerospace Software

Aerospace companies require ERP software that is specific to their industry. An aerospace software solution meets customer demands while adhering to high levels of compliance and quality control.

Aerospace manufacturers must adhere to project schedules and budgets with tight control over labor and materials costs. The aerospace software must surpass standard ERP functionality and address all these requirements associated with DCAA, CAS, and FAR compliance.

Aerospace Software Requirements

• Complete job costing
• Integration with AutoCAD
• Estimating
• Engineering
• Multi-level bill of materials
• Revision levels
• Engineering change notices (ECN)
• Original vs. current budget
• Actual vs. estimated cost for project components
• Tracking of percentage of completion
• Calculations for cost-of-sales and revenue earned
• Contract manufacturing
• Contract accounting
• Contract inventory management
• Milestone based billings
• Role based security
• Audit trail

As we have discovered in our experience with more than 150 ERP solutions, each ERP software package has its strengths and weaknesses. Below is a summary of a small sub-set of data from that database, which our project teams use to help clients select the right ERP software for their organizations.

This table below identifies the generalized functional strengths of each of the listed ERP solutions for Aerospace and Defense manufacturing and distribution. Our ERP software selection process leverages more detailed information from our database to conduct a more thorough assessment of software fit with each client’s business requirements.

Panorama’s ERP consultants provide a complete service offering that can assist your organization throughout the process of ERP selectionERP implementation and organizational change management.

Our consultants are aware of the potential pitfalls of ERP selection projects and can help hedge against project cost overruns, software that is misaligned with business needs, and lack of return on investment. Panorama’s team has industry-specific expertise that helps achieve measurable business improvements.

Recent clients in this industry include Boeing, SEAKR Engineering and DRI Relays.