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ATLANTA & SHANGHAI – CDC Software Corporation (NASDAQ: CDCS), a hybrid enterprise software provider of on-premise and cloud deployments, announced today Berner Food and Beverage has completed implementation of Event Management Framework (EMF) for CDC Ross Enterprise, a solution which delivers real-time alerting, exception management, and workflows to increase visibility and improve productivity throughout an enterprise.

Dakota, Illinois-based Berner Food and Beverage is a leading private label/store brand supplier of quality food and beverage products including processed cheese, snack dips, latte and meal replacement beverages. Berner implemented EMF primarily to improve worker productivity by reducing the administrative time it takes to run reports and hold meetings.

As a long time user of CDC Software solutions that include Ross ERP, CDC Factory and Pivotal CRM, Berner implemented EMF primarily to improve worker productivity by reducing the administrative time it takes to run reports and hold meetings.

The integrated solution, which was installed within two days and in which alerts initially configured within five days at Berner, goes across multiple databases within the company and monitors them without the need for time consuming customization.

“EMF is highly accessible and presents information from multiple sources to our employees in a quick and easy-to-read format in the form of an email or dashboard,” said Jason Ulrich, analyst for Executive Management of Berner Food and Beverage. “We realized the benefit of using EMF within one hour of installation. With our initial alerts, already we have saved at least a half hour of time from each of our four to five meetings that occur weekly and sometimes daily. It was also easy to get the system up and running, as well as apply the alerts to our businesses processes. The package of alerts that came with EMF applied to our operations straight out of the box.”

EMF for Ross Enterprise includes alerting technologies with proactive event detection and flexible resolution workflows. The solution can predict and react to events and information in disparate business systems. EMF also initiates a full-circle process to notify the right people on the right channel, and monitors the response and feedback. EMF is a 24-hour view into a manufacturer’s operations that proactively addresses non-events like the lack of response to a purchase order, or an overdue delivery or a missing time sheet entry. Event or exception conditions to be monitored are defined using an enterprise’s existing query structures. The enterprise can decide what it wants to monitor and how it wants to receive the notifications that can include dashboards, pagers, cell phones, e-mail, faxes, and web browsers.

“A process manufacturer must be able to identify and react quickly to changes all throughout its enterprise, especially in its supply chain, since if an event does not happen on schedule, production could be halted entirely,” said Bruce Cameron, president of CDC Software. “From supplying real time order status information, resolving problems before they escalate to avoiding stock outs, EMF will improve productivity through reducing administrative time and promoting a more responsive and adaptive supply chain in an enterprise.”

About CDC Software

CDC Software (NASDAQ: CDCS), The Customer-Driven Company™, is a hybrid enterprise software provider of on-premise and cloud deployments. Leveraging a service-oriented architecture (SOA), CDC Software offers multiple delivery options for their solutions including on-premise, hosted, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) or blended-hybrid deployment offerings. CDC Software’s solutions include enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing operations management, enterprise manufacturing intelligence, supply chain management (demand management, order management and warehouse and transportation management), global trade management, e-Commerce, human capital management, customer relationship management (CRM), complaint management and aged care solutions.

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