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IQMS, designer and developer of manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, today released a new customer success story. Through IQMS’ comprehensive, single-source ERP system, Mar-Bal, Inc. found a quarter of a million dollars in savings as well as 5,000 extra machine hours.

Mar-Bal, Inc. is a one-source solution provider of thermoset composite products. From design and formulation to compounding, molding and finishing, Mar-Bal produces state-of-the-art products across four facilities in North America. But Mar-Bal’s customized (AS4000-based) ERP software was outdated. Absence of a strong Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) program, unreliable inventory control with no visibility, restrictive reporting and forecasting abilities and limited internal system communication and access to information were among the pain points of the old system.

Upon implementing IQMS’ manufacturing ERP software, EnterpriseIQ, Mar-Bal experienced immediate results. With EnterpriseIQ’s robust EDI module, warehouse management system (WMS), RealTime™ Machine Monitoring program and single-source database, Mar-Bal saved $250,000 annually and found 5,000 extra machine hours lost to downtime for physical inventory.

A sampling of Mar-Bal’s enterprise-wide annual savings:

  • More efficient inbound and outbound EDI capacity: $60,000 annually
  • Regular and monthly physical inventories eliminated: $83,000 annually
  • Accurate production reporting through the RealTime™ program: $62,000 annually
  • Accurate reporting of global material purchases allowing for more negotiating power with volume purchasing: $30,000 savings to date
  • 5,000 potential machine hours no longer lost to downtime for physical inventory

To read the case study in its entirety and gain more insight into Mar-Bal’s impressive return on investment, please click here: