ERP TestimonialOne of the best parts of our jobs as ERP consultants is being able to learn about so many different organizations. We get to hear the stories of how our clients started, how they got to where they are and best of all, help them scale for future growth and success.  We have the privilege of helping these companies select and implement new ERP systems that allows them to accomplish their visions, goals and objectives much faster and more effectively than if they hadn’t leveraged our ERP expertise and processes.

This week mark’s Panorama’s official 10-year anniversary since it’s founding. Over those 10 years, we’ve had the good fortune of working with over 300 of some of the world’s most successful, highest growth and most interesting organizations across the globe.

Although it was a very difficult exercise, we wanted to highlight 10 clients that stand out over the last 10 years:

  1. Swingle Tree, Lawn, and Landscape Care. This Denver-based, mid-size consumer services company was the first client to leverage our entire ERP lifecycle of services – from ERP software selection and planning all the way through and after implementation. It was also the client that solidified the starting point for the methodologies that we now leverage for all of our clients. In addition to the CEO continuing to be a good friend of mine to this day, the company also awarded us with their 2007 Partnership Award. This recognized us as their top vendor for the year. This was the first in a series of client recognitions and awards we have received.
  1. Coldwater Creek. Although this clothing retailer has become the victim of changing consumer tastes and economic headwinds, they were the first client to hire us exclusively to manage their organizational change management program for their global SAP implementation. Although many clients have also since hired us to manage their various ERP organizational change management initiatives, this was the project that piloted the initial version of the change methodology that we use to this day.
  1. Ashcroft, Inc. In addition to genuinely liking the people we worked with here, I liked this client because they were one of the more complex, mid-size organizations we worked with in our early years. The evaluation, selection and ERP implementation project we managed for them challenged us to address business process complexities, highly tenured staff with resistance to change, international expansion and other intricacies that we hadn’t seen up until this point.
  1. Fisher and Paykel. This was a fun client to have because it demonstrated our ability to successfully handle our first large, international client based outside of Panorama’s North American headquarters. During our engagement with this New Zealand-based client, we were challenged to navigate unique business process and organizational dynamics that we hadn’t seen much of at that point. This was also a very meaningful client that provided medical devices that contribute to saving lives. It brought a new found meaning to the ERP consulting advice that we had always provided.
  1. PetroMasila. This international client was based in Yemen and remains one of our largest oil and gas clients to date. We helped this client oversee their Epicor implementation by providing independent validation and verification (IV&V) oversight throughout their 18-month implementation. Providing our insight in a dangerous locale such as Yemen, combined with the unique organizational and operational dynamics of doing business in that part of the world, forced us to tighten up our processes.
  1. Quest Nutrition. This is another client providing a product that I am not only a big fan of, but in this case, I am mildly addicted as well. Quest does more than sell nutrition bars – they are trying to change the way people eat – which makes working with them even more rewarding. It adds a whole new perspective to the meaning and value of ERP selection and implementation projects. They have also shown extreme success in a short period of time and possess a unique company culture with a great group of executives, managers and employees.
  1. Lisle and EZ Way. As our average client has gotten bigger over the last few years, it’s always nice to have a successful, down-to-earth, family-owned client like this one. This Midwest US-based auto parts manufacturer and supplier has been a loyal client throughout their ERP selection and implementation process, which we have been a part of from the start. Just as importantly, our team loves working with this group of people, who are some of the friendliest and hardest working that you’ll meet.
  1. State of New York. This client marks Panorama’s foray into government consulting. The state has essentially outsourced their business processes to our team to help them process ongoing claims related to Hurricane Sandy – another client with a purpose that goes well beyond basic ERP. This client has also enabled us to apply our ERP project management, business process reengineering and organizational change competencies in a different way.
  1. Our ERP expert witness clients. Although we can’t mention any of them by name due to confidentiality limitations, our 25+ ERP expert witness clients have been instrumental to who we’ve become over the last 10 years. These engagements have given us a front-row seat to some of the world’s highest profile ERP failures involving SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP systems. These clients have allowed us to improve on our own ERP processes and methodologies. It has also served as a constant reminder to us how challenging and risky ERP implementations can be.

Although we have many more clients that I would love to include here, I want to reach out and say thank you for helping us become the company that we are today. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for these and our other 300 clients, so we appreciate their business, loyalty and referrals to other new clients.

Ten years!! Feels great! Take a look at our client testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us.

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